Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There was one year where "Icicle Lights" were a hit...

But now - they're, they're tacky and cheap looking. You don't want them anywhere near your house because they're a reminder that, in that one year - you bought into the constant advertising and the pressure put on to keep up with what everyone else wanted to see.

Pretty at first, then annoying, then a burden, then a shit-reminder in a cardboard box in your basement.

I can't sleep tonight. I haven't slept well in the last few days, and I've been more that upset about it. Tonight? I'm a bit better - better enough to feel slightly creative and take a few steps towards getting my mind moving.

I deleted everything in this blog and I'm starting fresh, as I've done inventory and seen that there's a predicted net-loss for 2009. No profit to be gained, even (here's hoping) that the year gets better this year. I've written you off 2009, as one of the worst, most disappointing years of my life, both personally and professionally.

BUT - I'm not dead. I've already survived it, I've just got a few months before I turn 28 and officially become a struggling, unpopular artist for the rest of my life rather than a dead rockstar that died before his prime.

After touring the rest of the year, and I'm going to light those shitty strands of lights on fire on my driveway, listen to them crackle and explode - and ring in the next good even year.

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