Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You're lame and you throw boring parties. (Hello!)

Taking crack #4,000 at maintaining this as a way to kill time. Just got back from the Fest in Florida. Saw Grade. (only youtube clip I could find - bummer) Then AWS had the arguous task of trying to get back to Massachussetts. We couldn't get back. There was no way to fly back, and we had the deadline of getting back here in time to pick up our passports for Brazil, as we're leaving the day after tomorrow. So, we drove. 7 of us in a Chrysler Town & Country - straight into the goddamn hurricane. It was cold. It was wet. We were redirected right into the middle of New York. Our TM, Chad, at one point got out, took off his shoes and went trudging through a flooded intersection to see exactly how deep it was. Needless to say we made it across - no leeches, and Chad wasn't bleeding from his ball-sack. This drive sucked. And I've been on some shitty ones before, but all I wanted on this one was to get back home to Erin and the cats in MTL. Still do, but I got work to do in South America, before I return to the wonderful world of remidial warehouse work in Ville St. Laurent. That's all for now - not my best post but I'm just re-wetting my feet in this leech-infested swamp of blogging, so you can all suck my fat-one you cheap dime-store hoods. (I'm sorry and actually didn't mean that - but you get my point). Happy Halloween.

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