Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DEAR MURPHY, SUCK ONE: En Route to Berlin…

Nothing ever goes smoothly. I’ve learned that, with regards to “Murphy’s Law” – that “Murphy” is an asshole. After shelling out over $1000 in surplus baggage, the guys and myself are at least wiping the sweat off of our heads and settling in on the plane. We have a SWEET 7 hour layover at Heathrow coming up before our flight to berlin. NONE of us have any UK money, or any Euros for the upcoming day off before we start the first show at 007 in Berlin.

That being said – I have settled in nicely with a tiny bottle of red wine, and I’m finding a subtle resolve in the fact that we at least got on the plane, I got time at duty free to get smokes, we’ll be overseas soon – 6 weeks… we get the (mini) bus this time – shit could be a hell of a lot worse.

I’ll be blatant in saying I do have my reservations about this tour. For those that do know me well – I have spent my time in Europe outside of being on tour, and we are heading through some dark emotional territory… I’m thoroughly fearing going back to Austria this time. I won’t go into details but I put too much faith time and money into going out there, and finally I’m past that part of my life. The only people I want making ME feel garbage is Mike, Trev, Nuno, or Nick. (They don’t. Don’t worry. It was 99.9% sarcastic… ). It’s gonna be hard to re-visit that place. This is a new experience for me, going to a place that is soaked with now-sad/bitter memories that ISN’T Toronto! … FUN!

It’s all good though. Don’t worry about me, if I was as spineless and weak-willed as people have been trying to convince me for the last 28 years, I’d have thought up a really funny way to die and gotten myself in the Guinness Book of World Records.

One thing that has dawned on me, as I look through my own vasoline-coated crystal ball – Is that I’m not as excited as I used to be about coming to Europe. And even despite the obvious explanations previously mentioned. It’s weird to think that I’m not stoked on going to the other side of the world. That once-fun part has just become a part of the usual, the mundane, the every-day. I still like to think of myself as a 28-year-old boy, but I think this is the first thing I’ve noticed that sways me to think that I’m finally getting old. Is this work? Is this what happened to touring? … PLEASE, PLEASE don’t read into that too much, (I don’t think anyone reads this blog anyway)… I’m not *Levesque-ing this whole situation, it’s just sad that you can get “used” to exotic locations, far and wide. You turn into a visiting local.

BUT – who knows? I can’t fully say something like that with absolute conviction, because of what I’ve talked about, because of going through Europe with nothing… to actually worry about… with the people who’ve stuck by my side through all my stupid shit so far… why the fuck not barrel straight into this with the mindset of that 18 year old kid that I was the first time I left Ontario.

Well, I guess I’m at the point of my trip where I should try and get some sleep… I think. I do have 7 hours of nothing to do in London… can’t wait, I’ll have to find another home-schooled Mormen from Salt Lake City to try and get along with like at the end of the Rise Against tour… bwa. … ha … ha.

PS – Blog #2 will probably happen while I’m at Heathrow, and it will be a hell of a lot more tired, and crankier than this.

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